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What these awesome people have to say!

"As a professional Chef, I am on my feet constantly lifting and carrying heavy things. I had been struggling with pain all over my body especially in my back, neck, and wrists. Living with the constant pain was just my reality. Several months ago, a family member told me about The Stretch Joint and after my first few visits I knew that this was something that works. The stretches and exercises that I had been doing at home just weren't the same. I am so happy to finally have found something that makes my body feel better both at work and in everyday life. I am so thankful for The Stretch Joint!."

Jill E. (Client)

'O M G!' The Stretch Joint is "Better than a trip to Disney." For a magical experience you must try a complimentary session. Suffered from buldging and torn discs that doctors recommend surgery with 8 months of physcial therapy 5x a week. Since joining The Stretch Joint, immediately I started to feel better. In 2 short months my nerves are heeling, my feelin is back in leg, no numbness and minimal back pain..Each day is better! AMAZING staff and practitioners. Can't live without these guys. Are you worth it?"

Annie Concillo (Client)

"Active Couch Potato"

...are you sitting comfortably? The "Active Couch Potato" is another recently invented term, and it describes many of us who spend six hours of our day sitting down. Relatively known as the Sitting Disease.

According to The National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys report, 50-70 percent of people spend 6 hours or more hours sitting every day. Thus, inactve lifesyle is shown to shorten your lifespan, causing serious health risks, such as: type-II diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.

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The Benefits include:
  • Correcting compensational shifts and muscle imbalances
  • Improved Sleeping Patterns
  • Increase muscle relaxation
  • Feel lighter and younger
  • Reduction in Stress
  • Improved Mobility
Improve Atheletic Performance

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